Our Mission

 To promote equality between all human beings in respecting everyone culture and tradition and make sure that we all build together a sustainable planet with no negative impact on our neighbor. We fervently support the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights

Where do we act

 The United Nations every year establish the list of the least developed nations. All projects of the Foundation need to be located in one of these countries and if possible in the poorest region of such countries to participate in the eradication of malnutrition and to fight infant mortality. 

What do we do

 The Foundation intervenes in creating projects to stimulate economic activities that will generate local and regional employment directly and indirectly. The projects are created in respect of existing traditions and culture to become completely integrated in the economic reality of the location. The projects are agricultural related either through direct farming or in creating a stimulus to farming projects. 

How do We do

 The Foundation actively participates in the project, incorporates in the Country and retains local services from legal to accounting services. The Foundation hires local and regional staff to assist in managing the project. The Foundation manages the initial phase of the project to launch the project and progressively exit the program only to keep a minority interest to insure that the “spirit” of the project is kept and the new generated investment continue to participate into the fight toward malnutrition and infant mortality. 


Our fist project was located in Bungu, Tanzania where we brought power, water and financed a new agro-processing plant